Becoming an Instructor – part 1: Magda

Published on October 3, 2018

As you may know, Friskis is run entirely by volunteers. But what you may not know is the drive and dedication that motivates our volunteers!

That is never more true than with our instructors. before they get to wear their white instructor t-shirts they must undergo a long and selective training process that lasts several months and includes training at our headquarters in Sweden.

Four of our newest instructors, Magda, Claudia, Johanna and Daniela just recently graduated and they kindly agreed to share their experiences.

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Chapter 1: Magda’s diary:


26th November 2017: and so it begins! A selection test at the mirror room in Maalbeek after a full station session with Senta. We were 6 candidates and each of us had to perform a 6min program in front of the others. I enjoyed every minute of the selection test, well… the improvisation part was less fun… actually it was rather stressful… but I got through it!

19th December: finally good news! I’ve been accepted for the training in Sweden! My journey to become an instructor continues…

January/February: have received news that we will be 3 Jympa, 1 Family and 1 Yoga instructors to be sent to Sweden from the Brussels club.

22-25th March: ETTAN training in Lillsved, Sweden. A general training with instructors-to-be from Sweden, France, Scotland and, of course, Belgium in English with lovely leaders Emma and Nick. Learning about muscles, body functions, correct movements, nutrition, leading, music, eye contact and hundreds other aspects of Friskis. We were jogging in the snow, having lectures, trainings, having fun and every 2 hours were provided with a snack called FIKA! This was a very important part of the days for socializing.

April-May: still searching for the music with the right BPM (beats per minute) …

27th June-1st July: Jympa training! So far we are concentrating on Jympa to-be-instructors only, in a small group of 6 English speaking and 13 Swedish. Snow was replaced by a swim in a close-by lake while the rest were lectures focused on correct movements, right music and of course… every 2 hours were provided with a snack called FIKA! An important part of the training was taking video of us exercising and giving feedbacks while watching them.

And now the real work starts for us! We now have the music and some songs pre-worked from Sweden. Time to complete the whole session of 55 minutes!

July, August: between the holiday slots I’ve been meeting with Senta (my lovely coach that agreed to supervise my first ever session) who very diplomatically asks me to replace a couple of songs and pointed out that some of my movements were a bit too quick, too intensive, too whatever-not good. Big thanks for this as I learned a lot from her.

22nd August: test session with Daniela and Johanna.

26th August: My first test session in front of actual human beings-my fellow Friskis volunteers!


30th August: taking part at the Closing session in the park 2nd September the D-day! Christina coming from Paris to inspect us…

2nd September: Graduation day! After months of training and hard work it’s all come down to this! Time to see if I’ve got what it takes…

The rest of the story is history! You can enjoy Medium sessions with Magda every Tuesday at our Etterbeek venue at 13:00 and Sundays at Centre Sportif Mounier at 10:00.

Magda’s first playlist:


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