Becoming an instructor – part 2: Daniela

Published on October 10, 2018

As you may know, Friskis is run entirely by volunteers. But what you may not know is the drive and dedication that motivates our volunteers!

That is never more true than with our instructors. before they get to wear their white instructor t-shirts they must undergo a long and selective training process that lasts several months and includes training at our headquarters in Sweden.

Four of our newest instructors, Magda, Claudia, Johanna and Daniela just recently graduated and they kindly agreed to share their experiences.

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Chapter 2: Daniela’s Story:

Do it! Go for it! You don’t have anything to lose!

That was my conclusion – after quite some thinking, I have to admit – why to apply to become a Friskis-instructor. After so many years as a member and several times considering becoming an instructor the right moment was there.

And yes: you cannot lose, it’s only about winning! In my case: testing my limits, increasing my physical capacity, learning new things, getting to know many great people, becoming part of a community of like-minded etc., etc. And above all: It’s so much fun!

Take the two training-sessions in Sweden for example. Our small international group from Brussels, Paris and Aberdeen turned out to be a cool bunch of dynamic women and sometimes I trained my abdominals more with laughing than with crunches.

Then the common exercises with the Swedish group: When we tested our limits in weight-lifting I felt really good when the trainer told me to put on heavier weights as “You are a strong person.” Well, my Swedish training partner lifted 2 1/2 times more…!

Or the surroundings. Have you ever spent time in the Swedish woods, close to the archipelago? With delicious food and coffee-breaks every two hours? With the prospect to see elks, eagles and foxes? (I didn’t, but there was clear evidence deer had been around.) Breathing the freshest air you can imagine while running in the snow? And feeling your heart going faster and your toes and fingers freeze when swimming in the sea?

So yes, the training in Sweden was an unforgettable experience. And the preparation for graduation in Brussels was just the same: When seeking advice and input, everybody is there to help. Be it with movements, music or mood – as soon as you feel a little lost, you just call your coach. Still it is incredible to see how much commitment there is, how much time dedicated to Friskis and how much enthusiasm. But once you got the virus you can’t stop it, you become Friskis too!

The rest of the story is history! You can enjoy Basic sessions with Daniela every Thursday at our Etterbeek venue at 12:30.

You can find Daniela’s first Jympa playlist on Spotify:



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