Friskis Christmas gifts

Published on November 29, 2019

Christmas is nearly here and you’re still looking for gifts for your friends and loved ones? Well look no further cause Friskis has you covered! 

You can now buy FRISKIS CHRISTMAS GIFTS by writing to and we’ll arrange the pickup for you:

  1. Friskis Towels (10 euros)
    Just finished a fantastic Friskis session and you now need something with which to wipe the sweat off your brow? What better than a super absorbent  Friskis towel that is so small that you can even fit it in your handbag? And it only costs 10 euros! The towels are black, red with an embroidered Friskis logo and the dimensions are 120cmx70cm. Send us an email at if you’re interested! or you can do directly the payment on Friskis&Svettis bank account (IBAN: BE80 3101 5675 1177 with BIC: BBRUBEBB and please indicate the message: towel(s) + your name) and we will contact you to deliver your order!
  2. 4 session gift cards (35 euros)
    You know that friend/colleague/significant other that you’ve been trying to convince that Friskis is great but they still haven’t come to a session with you?
    Well why not gift them a special 4 session gift cards with a gorgeous custom designed envelope (35 Euros)? Then they’ll have to come to a session or else they’ll be ungrateful!!!  
If you want you can even get them both. They can use the gift card to participate in a Friskis session and then use the new towel to wipe off the sweat from their brow!

You can pay via bank transfer or in cash upon delivery. Supplies are limited so quickly order yours today!


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