Friskuary Cinema Project

Published on February 2, 2020

Get a friend to join Friskis in February 2020 and get two tickets to the cinema!

We’ve always said that Friskis is an experience that should be shared.

So During “Friskuary”, to celebrate the start of the new semester, we will be offering two free cinema tickets for current members who introduce a friend or family member to Friskis and make them sign up for a full year membership (10 months- either full or outdoor membership) by February 29 at the latest. Please note that these have to be NEW members.

Once your friend has signed up just let us know by sending us an email at and we will give you two White cinema tickets for free… yes, for free!!!

Consider this a thank you to our current members for sharing the joy of Friskis with the other people in their lives. After all, the only way to keep up the same level of excitement a good Friskis session is by watching an epic movie on the big screen!


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