F&S try-out cards are back

Published on August 9, 2017

Good news, everyone. We will again be distributing try-out cards during our summer sessions in August. The try-out cards offer access to 6 sessions for free, to try one session in each of our venues in September: Etterbeek, VUB, Woluwe, Schaerbeek, Cinquantenaire (running) and Woluwe park/Sonian Forest (nordic walking).

If card-holders participate in at least 4 sessions out of 6, they will get a 25% discount if they decide to become a new F&S member. Note that this offer is reserved for those who have never been a member of Friskis before.

Important notice: The try-out cards will only be distributed during the summer sessions (until 31/08/2017) and are only valid in September 2017 (1/09 until 02/10).

The discount will be 25% on the price of any membership (5 months, 10 months, outdoor, etc.). But people will have to become members and register on the website at the latest 15 October 2017.

Olivier used the try-out cards last summer and now is a full-fledged F&S member. We asked him to describe to us his experience with them and his impression of Friskis.

1) What is your name and where are you from?
Hi, I’m Olivier Baeten, 46y, from Brussels.

2) How did you discover F&S? 
I discovered F&S during the free sessions of Summer 2009 and forgot about it until Summer 2016.

3) Can you describe your Summer trial card experience?
The try-out card made me discover many different activities organized by F&S as well as many great and passionate instructors.

4) What Friskis sports/instructor do you enjoy the most? 
Yoga Energy by Mira is an enlightening and wonderful experience while Dance Fusion by Nel is greatly fun.
When I want to push my limits, Tarja delivers during the Interval Flex; Box Station is also fantastic and I could go on 😉

5) What do you think distinguishes Friskis from other sports/fitness clubs?
The organisation is non-profit and you can feel that the instructors and hosts are driven by passion rather than money. Having different locations and a broad range of activities and intensity is a real luxury that I’m so thankful to finally discover : it’s never too late to be healthy 🙂



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