May 2020: Enjoy Live Sessions Every Single Day!

Published on May 2, 2020

May is finally here and Friskis is still here to keep you company during the Lockdown! In fact we’re closer than ever, since for the month of May we will be bringing you live sessions every single day on our FB page here! We cannot resume our physical sessions until June at the earliest, but still our wonderful instructors wanted to provide you all with a more interactive workout experience! This way we can workout together even when we’re apart. So get moving with Friskis!

Just because we’re all separated, doesn’t mean that we can’t still Friskis&Svettis (move&sweat) together! All the live session are 100% free and include the following:

  • Monday 18:30 Medium with Johanna
  • Tuesday 18:30 Dance Explode with Magda
  • Wednesday 7:30 (Morning) Medium with Johanna
  • Thursday 18:30 Spin with Thibaud
  • Friday 18:30 Medium with Magda
  • Saturday 10:00 (Morning) Basic with Daniela
  • Sunday 17:00 Medium with Nolwenn

And don’t forget to check out our youtube page where we have already uploaded dozens of pre-recorded sessions for you to enjoy!
Stay safe and keep fit with Friskis!


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      29sep7:00 pm- 7:45 pmDance Explode 45'7:00 pm - 7:45 pm Etterbeek - Sport center De Maalbeek, Rue du Clocher 22 - 1040 EtterbeekInstructor: Viva
      Max 33 participants - Click on Session Name to see Event Details and Subscribe

      29sep7:00 pm- 8:00 pmMedium7:00 pm - 8:00 pm VUB campus, Triomflaan / Boulevard du Triomphe 20 - 1050 Elsene / IxellesInstructor: Yvonne
      Max 14 participants - Click on Session Name to see Event Details and Subscribe

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