Open Call for Schedule Team (updated)

Published on April 23, 2018

Ever wanted to have a bigger say in when and where your favorite session takes place? Ever wanted to have your voice be the one that helps us shape our sessions in the best way possible? Ever thought “Hey I’m really good at using a calendar!”?

Well here is your big chance!

Friskis&Svettis is creating a new permanent Schedule Team, whose function will be to determine the schedule for the next semester. The next semester will be an exciting and dyamic time for F&S Brussels since we will be introducing more types of sessions, more instructors and more venues and so we need everyone’s help to ensure that we come up with the optimum schedule. This is your great chance to give your input in how Friskis schedules its sessions.

We had an info meeting last Wednesday where the Board proposed the New Schedule Definition Process (you can find the full Powerpoint presentation below).
Schedule Info Session 18 APR 2018

The Schedule team will ideally consist of five members, each one from the various different Friskis categories: a representative for Halls, a representative for Communication, a representative for Instructors, a representative for Hosts and a representative for Members. By combining their different talents and perspectives they will be working together to create a schedule of intensities for Fall 2018.

Estimated workload: Approx. 1 month of activity, twice per year
If you’re interested or would like more info please contact Amelie Delforge.

Please note that all applications must be submitted by April 28th 2018.



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