Value 6: limits should be stretched

Published on June 16, 2019

As you know, Friskis&Svettis is a sports organization entirely run by volunteers. But it’s more than that. Its members, instructors included, volunteer their time, energy and skills because they believe in it and what it represents.

Did you know that, when they graduate, each Friskis instructor is given a book listing the 12 Friskis values? These values encapsulate all the lessons and teachings that the instructors learn during their months of training and get to the heart of what exercising with Friskis is about.

To that end we have asked our volunteers (instructor, host, board members, etc.) to share their favorite Friskis values and to describe what it means to them how it helps them in their friskis role. It represents both an illustration of what we believe in as an organisation as well as to better show just how these people turn a sports experience into a Friskis experience.

We are Friskis. These are our values.



Mira SallamoMira is is one of our most experienced and beloved instructors. People swear that they come out of her yoga sessions reborn! So we were not surprised when she told us what favorite Friskis value was: LIMITS SHOULD BE STRETCHED:

“I strongly believe that we have to dare to stretch our limits in life, that’s the only way to grow and to move forward: in relationships, work and hobbies. During the F&S sessions this is particularly easy as we offer you the healthy framework for that: just let go, feel the music, go as crazy and funny as you like! Shake your chubby cheeks, behind or shoulders, do not compare yourself with anyone else – it is YOUR time. Enjoy your moving with the music: Play guitar, swim, fly … go with the feeling and imagine, sing and smile. There is no absolute truth to what is right and what is wrong – right is what feels good to you just now. It is your time to have fun, be bold and go for it. And when we do this together, we can reach the stars!”

Now that you’ve heard her thoughts, let’s take a moment to better know our beloved instructor. Mira gets so much positive energy from the participants, other volunteers and the exercise, the constant learning and the balance F&S bring to her work and other commitments are the main reasons for her to keep doing this year after year since 1994 with F&S Helsinki her home country. Apart from this she enjoys the international aspect, the welcoming, relaxed, fun and quality workout F&S offers and she lives by the motto that life is all about balance! 🙂

You can join Mira every Saturday for Jympa Celebrate at 11:30 and Yoga Energy at 12:30 at Centre Sportif Mounier.


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