Value 9: It should be easy to start, easy to keep going

Published on September 15, 2019

As you know, Friskis&Svettis is a sports organization entirely run by volunteers. But it’s more than that. Its members, instructors included, volunteer their time, energy and skills because they believe in it and what it represents.

Did you know that, when they graduate, each Friskis instructor is given a book listing the 12 Friskis values? These values encapsulate all the lessons and teachings that the instructors learn during their months of training and get to the heart of what exercising with Friskis is about.

To that end we have asked our volunteers (instructor, host, board members, etc.) to share their favorite Friskis values and to describe what it means to them how it helps them in their friskis role. It represents both an illustration of what we believe in as an organisation as well as to better show just how these people turn a sports experience into a Friskis experience.

We are Friskis. These are our values.



Nolwenn, Nolwenn, Nolwenn… what can we say about our beloved Nol that has not already been said? To know her is to love her… almost as much as she loves Friskis! After all, Friskis has been a part of her life for so long! For that reason she told us that her favorite Friskis value was: IT SHOULD BE EASY TO START, EASY TO KEEP GOING.

“It is not always easy to get up off your sofa to go to a Sport class but believe me it is really easy with Friskis!
You just need a good pair of sports shoes and your water bottle.
The good atmosphere, music and enthusiasm are contagious and you will soon become as addicted as I have become over the last 17 years! As a result, you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you have to stop Friskis for any reason, but you certainly will not find it difficult to continue!
Any mood you may be in before joining a class, bad day, tired, winter darkness, will be blown away by a great Friskis session – an hour of exercise, your mood will have changed and you will be ready to conquer the world again!
Once you are in you will never leave, you will be addicted! 

Now that you’ve heard her thoughts, let’s take a moment to better know our beloved instructor. For the past 17 years as an F&S volunteer Nolwenn has enjoyed the fun & exercise that Friskis has to offer: a sports activity without judgement, where one can be who they are! This matches her life motto “to love all… by embracing both their differences and their similarities.” It makes perfect sense, especially if you consider that Nolwenn is half Irish and half French but born in Belgium…. she contains multitudes and we are so happy that she found a home in Friskis.

While Nol is taking a well deserved break from her role as an active instructor, she is still very busy behind the scenes ensuring that Friskis runs as smoothly as always. So rest assured that even if you don’t see her, she is still among you… smiling as usual.

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