We want you… to become a Friskis Instructor!

Published on October 2, 2017

Would you like to…

  • Join a wonderful international community of volunteers,
  • Get state-of-the-art training that will help you reach your physical and mental peak,
  • Share your passion for sports with others,
  • Have a sports session the way YOU like it, with the moves and music that you love,
  • Be in the centre of an adoring crowd who literally follows your every move,

Well then you are lucky… because We Are Looking For New Indoor Instructors for Jympa, Dance, Yoga, Barbell and Familyfys (session for kids 6-12 with their parents)!


If you are already an active member of Friskis&Svettis Brussels and would like to become an indoor instructor, now is your once opportunity to apply and become an instructor, just like Mira (instructor since 1998):

“It is fun, sweaty, powerful, energizing, smooth, serious, flirty, easy, addictive, and yet a bit crazy – you get it all in one package! Even after 20 years, 100s of sessions, thousands of songs, numerous white tops and red pants… and each time it’s just as exciting as the first time. I just love it!”

A selection test will be held to identify suitable candidates.



 What are the requirements to become an instructor?

Nothing major! Don’t worry! First of all you should already be active within the organisation for a minimum of 1 year either as a volunteer or as a member. You should have a good fitness level, good coordination skills, an outgoing personality and be able to commit for a minimum of 2 years, preferably more (see? told you it was easy!). You should also be able to communicate in English (if you understood everything we’ve said so far… Congratulations! You’ve just passed the English part of the test!). Oh and don’t forget to smile. That’s the most important part just ask Lies, the newest member of our Friskis instructor family (Instructor since 2017):

“It’s incredible how much energy you get from the crowd around you. When things get tough, a participant’s smile is the best energy booster there is!”

What can you expect from Friskis Brussels?

We make a long term investment in our instructors. First of all, you’ll get state of the art training on how to put together a Friskis workout. After that, you can expect regular follow-up sessions and trainings to ensure that you are up to date on the latest excercise and fitness trends.

And you’re not on your own: you’ll have the entire family of Friskis instructors to support you.
We are looking for instructors in the following intensities:

Familyfys (session for families – children aged 6-12 with parents)

How you can apply?

Send your application to Pia and Lene (lene.kristensen@ec.europa.eu) by the 10th November 2017 including a motivation letter describing yourself and your involvement in Friskis&Svettis. Tell us why you would make the ideal candidate.

What are the key dates to remember?

We will be holding info sessions throughout the month of October in different venues to help explain everything that being an instructor entails:

14/10 Woluwe 13:45-14:30 in the cafeteria

15/10 Maalbeek 13:00-14:00 in the room we usually have babysitting

19/10 VUB 18:00-19:00 in the cafeteria

23/10 Hiel 20:30 outside the Yogahall


A selection test will be organized during the weekend 25th-26th of November.

If you have questions feel free to contact, via e-mail:
Pia pia.bilting-bearfield@gov.se or
Lene lene.kristensen@ec.europa.eu


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