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Friskis offers both indoor and outdoor activities.  All our forms of exercise have a special Friskis character, even if they have names that you know from other gyms. Whatever you do with Friskis, you’ll always know it’s Friskis&Svettis!

  • Indoor activities: The unique Friskis workout is called “jympa” and is available at basic, medium and intensive level. It consists of a series of easy to follow fitness exercises to music. The instructor selects the music and the movements to go with it. Each instructor’s class is different.
  • Outdoor activities: The advantages of walking or running in a group are many – you get an instructor with a well thought out approach to training, useful tips, motivation and group spirit. Available all year in any weather, unless conditions are unsafe.

The different classes Friskis offers are:

  • Barbell

    Barbell is a functional straight forward session for anyone who wants to build up strength in mainly legs, back, abdomen, arms. You follow clear instructions to cool music, using a barbell, weights and a step to work out.

    Basic Jympa

    Easy, uncomplicated movements to improve your fitness, strength and flexibility. No jumping.


    Focuses on exercises that strengthen your abdominals and back, and stretches your body.


    A clever combination of stability and flexibility. Coreflex is functional training at its best. The session offers an active flow and music will guide you through the whole session.

    Dance Explode

    Energetic and powerful, with high energy level and intensity. It is tough condition training, but also strength with dance feeling. The choreography is simple, but with dance expression – very suitable for a party-session.

    Dance Fusion

    Easy steps and dance movements to disco, funk, jazz, latin, rock and swing sounds – work out at your own level of fitness

    Family (3-6y)

    Family are speedy, versatile and playful sessions for children aged 3-6 years together with adults. The training is performed in different stations, with challenging and fun exercises with or without tools.

    Family Circuit (7-11y)

    Family Circuit are speedy, versatile and playful sessions for children aged 7-11 years together with adults. The training is performed in different stations, with challenging and fun exercises with or without tools.


    Dynamic movement for flexibility, balance and stability for all fitness levels.

    Medium Jympa

    Tougher exercises and higher tempo with some jumping but gentle movements for the fairly fit.

    Intensive Jympa

    For fit people: exercises that put your muscles and cardiovascular system to the test.

    Intervall Flex

    A challenging class for the fit, with focus on strength and dynamic flexibility.

  • Pulse Medium Jympa

    Concentrates on the cardiovascular for the quite fit: high tempo and challenging co-ordination in the cardiovascular sections.


    A 75 min workout with a focus on strength exercises at different stations. Basic and Medium levels.


    Traditional but safe yoga exercises (asanas) for breathing, flexibility, strength and balance for all fitness levels. No previous yoga experience needed. Mats available at the venues or bring your own.

    Nordic Walking Distance

    With sticks/poles - is simple and good for fitness and stamina: far better for you than ordinary walking! Build your muscles, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature. Bring your own poles or borrow a pair from us.

    Running Cross

    Strength stations with running. Between the stations, running for 3-5 minutes at 6-6.30 min/km. Work out on your own level.

    Running Distance

    Running at an even pace for a specified time or distance

    Running Quality

    Exercises to challenge fitness, technique, speed and running strength with great variation in speed and load.


    For the fairly fit: cardiovascular exercise on cycling machines. Personal instruction, music, varied activities and group spirit makes Friskis Spin unique.

    Sports Athletics

    Sports Athletics brings qualitative training for the entire body focusing on coordination, dynamics and speed. You will find tools like cones, small hedges and fast-paced ladders.

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