Hosts play a very important role at Friskis&Svettis. They welcome people attending the classes, answer questions about Friskis and help the instructors. They are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the class.

If you would like to volunteer time as a host get in touch with us.


We asked our hosts the following questions:

  1. why do you volunteer for F&S?
  2. what do you enjoy most about F&S Brussels?
  3. how long have you been with F&S?
  4. which country are you from?
  5. what would you say your life motto is?


Here is a summary of their answers:

Martina Kittali

Born in Sweden of Finnish nationality and now a Belgian citizen, Martina became a member of F&S Brussels in 1997 and as from 2004 became a host. She joined to meet different nationalities whereby she can practise her language skills, and of course to keep fit. She enjoys the laid back atmosphere, international participants, the music and the great instructors most at F&S. She does this as she believes that with each day you are able to make someone smile and be happy, life is worthwhile.

Miriam Schneider

Miriam volunteers to give some modest support to a great initiative, with a no-fuss-happy-good-mood attitude, as she puts it in her own words. Originally from Germany she has been a member since 2011 and an outdoor host since 2015 and her motto in life is carpe diem.

Thomas Arnold

Thomas volunteers with F&S Brussels to share the passion of being Fit@Life. German by origin he joined as a member 12 years ago and has been a host for 9 of them. Thomas lives by a Learn, Earn, Return motto.

Caroline Van Meerbeek

To Caroline volunteering is a part of life, it’s about being part of a community and giving back to that community. She enjoys coming to F&S sessions as she feels its like hitting the town for a night of dancing. Only with friskis, we do that in broad daylight 🙂 What more could one ask for? Plus, it is a strong-knit community. When she doesn’t see some of the regular participants for some time, she wonders how they are doing. She is always happy to see everybody! Originally from Belgium she has been with F&S Brussels for some 10 years.

Roland Johansson

Shortly after he arrived to Brussels from Sweden Roland joined F&S Brussels some20 years ago. He then started volunteering as a host after being a regular participant as he thought he should help out and that has been 15 years now. Working out with a group of happy people without any need to be top fit our having the best outfit is what he enjoys the most.

As a Rolling Stones fan his life motto is “You can’t always get what you want, but you may try some time, and you just might find, you get what you need!”

Johanna van Vrede

Johanna lives by a live healthy and happy life motto and so she joined F&S Brussels because it’s friendly, easy-going, fun and a multicultural way of doing sports. She joined in 2012 as a volunteer because it is a fun and nice way to put something back into an organisation you get a lot out of. Johanna is originally from the Netherlands.

Carl Johan (Calle) Asenius

Calle basically cannot stay away from F&S Brussels! A member since 1996 and a volunteer from a year after that he just cannot get enough of the nice workout with lots of nice people. He feels in good hands with the top-quality instructors F&S offers, and that personal touch makes him walk away with a smile. Originally from Sweden Calle loves to work hard and play hard, always whilst still smiling.

Guy Tasmowski

Our native Belgian Guy joined F&S Brussels some 8 years ago because the combination of doing something for others and the reward of social recognition give him a nice feeling. He enjoys he shared values of openness and the relaxed atmosphere most. No wonder his life motto is to keep smiling, be happy.

Monika Schroeder

Monika was asked in September 2016 by our instructor Annika if she could help her as a host with her new Basic stations sessions. She knew her since she regularly joined her basic sessions and hasn’t looked back. At F&S Brussels she enjoys most the wide range of sessions offered at different venues and at different moments of the day.

Verity Jagger

Verity volunteers since 2004 to keep F&S a fun and affordable gym/work-out that welcomes everyone. She loves the energy one can feel in a hall – a positive vibe coinciding with a fun work-out just puts a smile on her face every time. In fact she believes that a smile goes a long way – treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Verity is originally from the UK.

Magdalena Havlikova

Originally from the Czech Republic, Magdalena enjoys being a part of the F&S family and that is why she joined as a volunteer in 2008. The easy going and enjoyable way of making sport are what kept her coming back even after some pauses for babies.

Sonia Arfa

Sonia has been volunteering as a host for 4 years but has been a member for 15. She loves life and enjoys its every moment so she joined F&S Brussels to meet people from different countries whilst playing sports regularly. Together with the sports she enjoys the music and the ambiance and spirit of Friskis and Svettis. Sonia was born in Belgium of Tunisian origin.

Terhi Niemi

Originally from Finland, Terhi volunteers with F&S to help offer easily available and affordable sports to everyone. The possibility to enjoy great sports and the company of nice people comes as a big bonus. Since joining in 2012 he enjoys this laid back atmosphere and its great variety of workouts. Terhi believes that being fit is not a destination, it is a way of life.

Olivier Baeten

Our fun loving Belgian Olivier volunteers for F&S to answer a call and to show his love for the organisation. He enjoys the instructor’s energy, the diversity and the affordability of it, hence why he joined as a host in September 2016. So it comes as no surprise when he tells us that his life motto is ‘Oppa Gangnam style’!

Astrid Guiffart

Astrid got inspired by the enthusiastic hosts and instructors when she joined F&S Brussels as she too wanted to be part of such a nice team. It also helps her to be more constant in her sport practice and loves meeting nice new people, herself originally from France.  What she prefers is that she gets so motivated to exercise and that it is always fun. She became a member in 2010 and started recently as a volunteer and believes in just smiling and being optimistic, the rest will follow 🙂

Elisa Facchinato

Why? I mean why not was Elisa reaction when we asked her why she volunteers with F&S Brussels. Since she was already a regular member trying to regularly attend sessions, what’s better than being pushed to do so whilst helping a great organization because if nobody was volunteering for F&S, she won’t have any of my favourite sport classes! Classes that lack impersonality and that characterise other sport classes: feeling part of a group and tons of motivation. Elisa is originally from Italy and has been a host for the past few months.

Letizia Cirilli

Born in Brussels, Letizia life motto is ‘Keep calm and go run’ so it comes as no surprise that in October 2014 she started hosting running sessions to engage her energy with like-minded people into sports. At F&S Brussels she enjoys most the beautiful people, the sharing and caring and the non-competitive atmosphere.


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