This Week’s Discovery Session in Woluwe

This week’s discovery session will take place on

Wednesday 19 Nov. in Woluwe from 20 - 21h.


Come and feel the ‘magic in the air’ in Lene’s Basic session; a strong, energetic and low impact session.

You want to improve your fitness, but avoid jumping? Try out Basic, a varied session with uncomplicated movements. Easy to join, suitable for people who want to start building up or to maintain fitness. A straightforward class, with engaging music and natural movements. Sweat and smile!

Back from the 2014 Svettis Days!

A happy crew of more than 30 people, composed by most of our instructors and several hosts and volunteers, joined the Svettis Days 2014 in Stockholm on the weekend 7-9 November.

To be part of the experience, have a look at our Facebook page and website, where you’ll find pictures and comments on the event.

And, most important, enjoy the energy and the inspiration that our fellows came back with - we’re sure that you’ll feel it during the sessions!

Save the date: Christmas Megasession 2014

Good tradition must be kept!

As every year our instructors will join their forces to prepare for you a special 1,5 hour session inspired to the Christmas theme.

More information will follow soon, but you can already save the date: Sunday 14 December 11:30-13:00 at Maalbeek.

Let’s Dance!

Try out our great Dance sessions, sweat and fun is guaranteed.

You have an impressive choice too:

  • Monica gives her Dance fuego Mondays 18-19 at ERM,
  • Tereza’s Dance fuego is Tuesdays 13:15-14:00 at Maalbeek and
  • Nel offers Dance fusion on Thursdays 12:30-13:15 at Maalbeek.

So just pick and choose, or try them all out.

The dark rainy season has arrived to Brussels, but our Dance sessions offer excellent ways to keep the spirit high.

You can shake, move with the music, get fit and simply enjoy the atmosphere – all that with a big smile.

Upgraded security measures at RMS

We were informed that security measures for access to the Royal Military School will be made stricter.

Please do not forget to bring your card, which must have a recent ID picture on it.

! Note that only full membership cards and spin cards are accepted (no 4-sesions cards or try-out cards). If you wish to upgrade your outdoor card in order to get access to the RMS and/or to all our other venues, please contact Anne.

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From 01/09/14 to 31/01/15
Autumn 2014 sessions and locations 

Closing Days:
VUB will be closed on Thursday 20 November.

Please be aware that on Monday 8 December and Monday 15 December important strikes and demonstrations are announced in Brussels. Traffic might be disrupted, so foresee the necessary commuting time in order not to miss your sessions.

Please always check the online indoor or outdoor calendars to make sure that you have the information you need before going to a session!


In general, don’t forget to inform us about any change in your address by sending a mail to Anne.

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