’Goed Bezig’ photo competition: cast your vote!

You may remember that in the course of the park sessions last summer we took some pictures to participate into the photo competition for sports clubs ’Goed Bezig’.

We have now received a very good news: one of the pictures we entered for the contest has been selected for the final stage of the competition! The 40 pictures with the most votes in proportion to the size of the club (i.e. number of members) will win a prize. Voting started on Friday 24 October and will go on until Thursday 6 November. You will find the link to vote (http://www.sportclubszijngoedbezig.be/inzending/335) posted on our website. You have to login with your Facebook account in order to vote.

Please help us in achieving another great Friskis success!

VUB halls to reopen soon
Following the renovation works at VUB, the halls will be accessible again as of 3 November.

Few new stuff is foreseen there, namely a Discovery Session every Thursday at 7 pm which will offer you the chance to try out different intensities and instructors.

We will kick-off on Thursday 6 November with Birgitta’s Medium.

More information and the exact schedule is available on the website. See you back at VUB in only one week!!!

See you back at VUB soon!!!

RUNNING DISTANCE - in the forest

The last Running Distance of this semester will take place SUNDAY 2nd November from 11:00 - 12:30, instructed by Jorge.

SvettisDays on 7- 9 November

In few weeks most of our instructors and several other volunteers in F&S Brussels will fly to Sweden to experience the greatest event of F&S: the SvettisDays, a full weekend of training, learning and inspiration for our functionaries. This is a key appointment to keep our organisation up to date and able to meet new challenges.

The drawback is that - having most of our instructors off to Sweden - the schedule for that weekend (7-9 November) will be reduced.

We will be able to guarantee the following sessions: read more ...

La Bruxelloise

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La Bruxelloise


The F&S Brussels Team did it -

Race Images ...


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