Spring semester starts next week!

Have a look what we’ll offer and where – we look forward welcoming you in February with our new sessions. Sweat and fun is further guaranteed.

Please be aware that small changes could still appear until the final version is published.
Running sessions for Beginners

You want to start running? Or you know someone, who would be interested to run?

Friskis will give a series of running sessions targeted for Beginners in February.
Four Monday evenings in a row:
- 2/2
- 9/2
- 16/2 and
- 23/2.

Meeting point is 7.30pm under the arches (Tervuren side); the sessions will be 45 minutes long building up in a manner which accommodates all participants independently of their current fitness level.

Find out the practical details:

Discovery sessions continue @Hiel during spring schedule

These sessions are offered on Wednesday 8 pm at Woluwé and every Thursday 7 pm at VUB, giving you the chance to try out different instructors.

This week we will offer respectively Basic with Lene at Woluwé and Basic with Valentine at VUB.

What is Basic?
You want to improve your fitness, but avoid jumping? Try out Basic, a varied session with uncomplicated movements. Easy to join, suitable for people who want to start building up or to maintain fitness. A straightforward class, with engaging music and natural movements. Sweat and smile!

In the new semester, starting on 1 February, discovery sessions will be offered every Thursday 7pm @ Hiel, our great sports hall in Schaarbeek.

You will find more information and the exact schedule, with information on intensities and instructors for the upcoming weeks in the indoor calendar, on our website.

We are looking for new enthousiatic volunteers

Friskis Brussels is looking for new volunteers interested in joining the F&S Board as of March 2015.

In particular, we are looking for a new Treasurer, so if you have experience of book keeping and financial reporting you could really be our (wo)man!

If interested don’t hesitate to contact Annika no later than 18 January 2015.

Guest Session & Yoga workshop on 14th February

On Saturday 14th February special F&S events will be going on at Woluwé :

We will offer indeed a guest session - Medium with Cecilia (our ex-instructor now giving sessions in Goteborg) at 11:30.

This will be followed by a joint Yoga workshop with Mira, Valentine and our ex-instructor Kim.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start in the best way your Valentine’s day!

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From 01/09/14 to 31/01/15
Autumn 2014 sessions and locations 

Carnival closing dates:
Maalbeek will be closed in the course of the Carnival week, from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 February EXCEPT for the evening slots on Monday 16 at 7 pm and Tuesday 17 at 8 pm, which will be maintained.
For further information and last-minute updates, just check the indoor calendar on our website.

We regret to inform you that there will be no sessions at the Royal Military School until 30. January.

Please always check the online indoor or outdoor calendars to make sure that you have the information you need before going to a session!


In general, don’t forget to inform us about any change in your address by sending a mail to Anne.

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