A Message from the Board about the Covid-19 Pandemic

Published on May 1, 2020

Dear all,

Since mid-March we have all been facing a new dimension with the arrival of the Corona virus in our everyday lives. We have all had to get used to the new reality of confinement, social distancing, working from home and many of us have also had to take on an extra job as “school and activity coach” for our children.

For us at Friskis, it has also meant, that we have had to cancel our physical sessions and not been able to meet and enjoy working out together with you and all other members in the spirit of our unique community.

We hope though, you have taken part in some of the online sessions, that we have been offering via Facebook and You Tube for free. Our instructors have shown great dedication by recording virtual sessions at home and even creating live sessions in an effort to better interact with our members. If you have not yet had the chance, there are more to come, which we will post on our Facebook page and other social media pages.

Friskis, Brussels, have been adhering to the guidelines of the Belgium government in order to keep us all safe and we continue to monitor any new developments very closely.

At the Board level of Friskis Brussels, we are also assessing the financial risks for Friskis connected to the crisis. The reality is, that we have not had any new members or renewal of memberships, since the crisis started. We have made a revised budget for 2020 and we believe, that with the limited savings we have as an organisation, we will be able to manage on our own until end of June.

We also need to inform you, that as a non-profit organisation with very competitive membership fees, our financial situation does not allow for a membership reimbursement.  We will do our best to find ways to compensate for your loss of active membership in this period of “Force Majeure” by offering additional opportunities to you. We hope you appreciate our efforts with offering virtual sessions and we hope to have other additional activities ready for you in the future.

So what happens next?

Last Friday we received further updates from the Belgium government about their plans to gradually lift the restrictions, that were put in place in March 2020.

For the time being, all instructions related to Friskis remain in place. So this means, that we all have to take good care of ourselves and the people close to us by staying home as much as possible, social distancing, increased hand hygiene and of course exercise regularly.

It seems that outdoor group sports will be able to resume on the 18th May 2020, but we do not yet know, if this applies to to our running and Nordic Walking sessions as well. We will take steps to clarify this in the days to come and get back to you on this.

For our indoor sessions, we will have to assume, that they will be closed until at least the 9th June 2020. We have no indication yet, whether indoor sessions will be able to start up at that point in time, but we will be monitoring the situation.

So for the time being – please continue to stay safe and stay in contact with the rest of the Friskis community to share your concerns, thoughts and ideas. We at Friskis Brussels are a strong community and we should all support each other and Friskis in these challenging times.

Kind regards,
The Board
Friskis&Svettis Brussels



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