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Halloween Spooktacular session on 29th October

Ever thought that our Friskis sessions weren’t scary enough? Then you won’t want to miss our Halloween Spooktacular session on the 29th October at 4pm at Maalbeek (Rue de Clocher 22-24). Scary songs, thrilling costumes and a 75 minute medium jympa…


Inspired by La Bruxelloise? Then Join our Outdoor Sessions!

Congratulations to the 45 runners and Nordic Walkers who participated as part of the Friskis&Svettis team in the 7th edition of La Bruxelloise, a women’s running race in Brussels, on 15th October 2017 for the benefit of research against breast cancer in partnership with the fondation St-Luc. If…


We want you… to become a Friskis Instructor!

Would you like to… Join a wonderful international community of volunteers, Get state-of-the-art training that will help you reach your physical and mental peak, Share your passion for sports with others, Have a sports session the way YOU like it,…


Roadworks announced for La Woluwe

For those of you who are concerned that the recent roadworks announced for the area of La Woluwe Sports centre (from Wednesday the 27th September till January 2018) will impact our sessions, rest assured! All our sessions will continue as usual. However, please be…


Winner of the #lovefs contest

Dana, the winner of our #lovefs photo contest and a free Friskis 10 month membership card, went to her first Friskis session (Medium with Sophie) and sent us some photos of the happy occasion. She also kindly took the time…



Introducing our other limited edition session: FlowRide with our wonderful instructors Lidia and Monica, Flowride is a medium jympa session where a continuous flow between movements (and songs!) has been created to give a great feeling of continuous and uninterrupted workout. It’s a limited edition session, meaning…


Sports Athletics

Sports Athletics is different from our other sessions and gives you an exercise experience beyond the usual, bringing qualitative training for the entire body focusing on coordination, dynamics and speed. You will find tools like cones, small hedges and fast-paced…


La Bruxelloise – Run with Friskis and support a good cause

We are pleased to announce that Friskis&Svettis will participate with a team in the 7th edition of La Bruxelloise, a women’s running race in Brussels, on 15th October 2017. La Bruxelloise is a race aimed at women for the benefit of research against breast cancer in partnership with the…


Start to run

Running is real fun! Why not getting started and join the world community… with Friskis & Svettis, of course! Engage in a 6 weeks programme that will help you get into shape. Whether you have little or no experience with…

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