Spinning is back!

Published on February 13, 2018

Good news!!!! In the new semester, we will be having spinning sessions again! Spinning sessions will be on Mondays  (and Tuesdays TBC soon) at 7pm in the Royal Military School (Rue Hobbema 8, 1000 Brussels).

Unfortunately, external members can only gain access to the RMS when they are in possession of a membership card. Luckily, Friskis&Svettis had made a deal with the RMS for their full members. To apply for an RMS membership card, you will need the following:

  • A completed copy of the attached document (please use BLOCK CAPITALS)
  • A recent colour photograph (passport quality), attached to the document
  • A printout of  your ID-card via eID Viewer (a simple photocopy of your id card won’t work. If you have a card, but no card reader, you can go to your town hall and ask for a print-out. If you have a card that doesn’t have a chip you can try a photocopy of your passport)
  • An extract from the criminal record (previously certificate moral character), available to Belgian citizens through their city hall. If you are not a Belgian citizen, you should contact the SPF Justice DG ROJ service casier Judiciaire central (Boulevard de Waterloo 80, 1000 Brussels — 02/552.27.47 — FR : CasierJudiciaire@just.fgov.be
    NL : strafregister@just.fgov.be
    Pour les demandes Ecris uniquement : cjcs-ecris@just.fgov.be) for this certificate though you can also get it through your Comune (for example Etterbeek residents can order theirs online while Schaerbeek requires you to go in person-see below for details. We will add instructions for more communes as soon as they become available).

ERM-Inscription-inschrijvings formulaire(eir)

Hand these documents to your Friskis host at your next session and we will take care of the rest! Don’t try to hand them in yourself since the ERM insists on having a single contact person! Keep in mind that the process might take a while, but we will do our very best to get you spinning again as soon as possible!

Note that spinning sessions are only accessible for full members. Outdoor members wishing to upgrade can contact Anne Peters. Try-out cards as well as one and four session cards are not valid at this location.


How to obtain casier judiciere via your commune:

Etterbeek commune
– possible to obtain casier judiciaire online
– go to  e-guichet http://www.etterbeek.be/e-guichet-1 and click on IRISbox icon to connect. It will require ID card, eID card reader and installing a software
– Follow instructions to connect to the CSAM platform
– once logged in look for casier judicier
– fill in a form, request extrait 595, as reason for request put inscription dans un club sportif
– after sending out application pay 0,64€ by card electronically
– you will receive the form within three days by post


  1. Tuula Huotari says:

    Just a few questions…
    1.Could you explain what is “A printout of your ID-card via eID Viewer”
    Is a normal paper copy of both sides of the ID card okay?

    2.Do you know if the access that one gains after providing the Military Academy with these documents is valid then for several years or just for one semester? And then we need to apply again?

    Best regards,

    • apeters says:

      For the printout, you just put your ID card in the ED card reader and it will open up and you will be allowed to print out the content of your ID card
      As for the duration, the card of the military school will be “independant” from the duration of your Friskis membership card. I have no clue for how long it is. We have not yet started the process of handing in papers.

      I hope that this answers your question.


  2. amascia says:

    Dear Tuula,
    1. This presupposes that you have a Belgian electronic ID card (with the correct PIN code) and a card reader (and a computer). Download the eID Viewer app (https://eid.belgium.be/en/eid-viewer), install it, open the app, insert your eID card, log in, and make a print-out of what’s on the card chip.
    If you have a card, but no card reader, you can go to your town hall and ask for a print-out.
    No, a paper copy of both sides of the card would not work, because the name of the chip, etc, wouldn’t be included.

    2. The ERM/KMS card will give you access to the Military School as long as Friskis&Svettis rents a hall there and you remain a member of Friskis&Svettis.

  3. Minna says:

    How about us with Carte d’identité spéciale? There is no chip and all relevant info is visible.

  4. Julia says:

    Hi, just to let the Spinning-Lovers know: it was super easy to get the “casier judiciaire” – just sent an Email to CasierJudiciaire@just.fgov.be asking for it and why (access to sportscomplex of the military school), I added my identification number of the registre national and a couple of days later I had the document in my letterbox.

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